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Isle la Motte apple cider

Isle la Motte blend features juices from French cider apple varieties, bringing complex flavors, heavier body, and mellow tannins to your glass. The French and English have been producing cider for hundreds of years, from specialty apples grown specifically for cider. This blend highlights French bittersweet apples such as Marechel, Vilberie, and Frequin Rouge. You'll taste the richer flavor and feel the tannins on your tongue.

Alcohol by volume: 8.5%
2018 vintage: TBD (still in production)
Available in: 750 ml bottles - $15

The Ride
This cider is named for the ride that started our cider dreams. While in Vermont, we rode around Isle la Motte, a wonderful place in the middle of Lake Champlain. Our B&B host recommended stopping at a historic cidery on the island to get lunch. On a whim, we tried their fresh cider, then their (hard) ice cider. We were blown away. As often happens on our vacations, one idea led to another and by the end of the trip we had purchased a small apple press and prepared to make our own cider. Little did we know that that fateful detour would take us on an entirely new and exciting journey.

Take the ride
Isle la Motte map